Published 8/1/2014
Kathie Niesen, CMP

Annual Meeting Goes Green in 2015

The AAOS Annual Meeting has been getting greener for years. Mobile apps, electronic messaging, and free Wi-Fi have made going green easier, more economical, and more user-friendly. The green trend started with electronic evaluations and was followed in 2009 with a CD-ROM of the Annual Meeting Proceedings. Today, AAOS members can access the Proceedings on a user-friendly website for up to 2 years after the meeting.

Instructional Course handouts have been available electronically since 2011 when all advance registrants received a link giving them early access to their specific course handouts. Although initially only a small percentage of registrants accessed the link, the number of registrants obtaining handouts through this method has continued to increase.

For the 2015 Annual Meeting, the Central Instructional Course Committee has decided that printed handouts will no longer be available at course rooms. Instead, attendees will be invited to access course handouts online, using a link announced 2 weeks prior to the meeting. The elimination of paper handouts will result in significant cost savings as well as benefit the environment.

According to Quin Throckmorton, MD, chair of the 2015 Central Instructional Course Committee, “The AAOS has been moving toward a paperless meeting for years. We believe that 2015 is the time to make the final leap away from paper.”

AAOS members will receive a link to the handout site when they register for the meeting. The site will contain the thousands of handouts put together by faculty for all the various courses. In addition, it will have instructions on how members can make notes and bookmark a pdf.

Handouts will also be sold as single pdfs and on flash drives (full set) in the Resource Center. The Orthopaedic Review Course and some special sessions will continue to offer paper handouts for the foreseeable future.

Kathie Niesen, CMP, is the education manager in the AAOS department of convention and meeting services. She can be reached at niesen@aaos.org