Thomas Temple, MD, (left) presents the Clinical Science Award to Lt. Dusty Schuett, DO, Naval Medical Center, San Diego.
Courtesy of LCDR Lance LeClere, MD, USN, and CAPT Dana C. Covey, MD, USN


Published 12/1/2014
LCDR Lance E. LeClere, MD, MC, USN; CAPT Dana C. Covey, MD, MC, USN (Ret.)

Resident Research Competition

The Sixth Annual San Diego Resident Research Competition, held Aug. 13, showcased resident researchers from southern California. Projects and podium presentations were judged by basic science and clinical faculty members from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD). Visiting professor H. Thomas Temple, MD, from the University of Miami, judged the competition and delivered keynote talks on tissue banking and bone and soft-tissue allografts.

Hosted by the NMCSD department of orthopaedic surgery, the annual research competition provides an opportunity for resident researchers to showcase their best work. Sixteen podium presentations—eight basic science and eight clinical science—were featured. Topics included cutting-edge clinical studies on scoliosis, genetic expression patterns in rotator cuff arthropathy, and laser treatments for scar contracture treatments in hands.

The winner of the best basic science research presentation was Matthew C. Kinney, MD, of UCSD. His project, “Reduced Muscle Stem Cell Number Is Associated with Stretch-Induced Contracture Development,” examined stem cells in cerebral palsy patients and may lead to new treatment options for cerebral palsy contractures and other neuromuscular conditions.

LT Dusty Schuett, MC, USN, won the clinical science award for “Functional Results of Transfemoral versus Through Knee Amputation in Combat Injured Patients.” Dr. Schuett’s work provides orthopaedic surgeons with valuable gait analysis data to help guide decision making for appropriate amputation level.

“Presenting at the resident research competition was a great experience,” said Dr. Schuett. “The collegial and academic environment was conducive to high-level discussions in the clinical and basic science realms. Dr. Temple’s research and clinical expertise provided depth to the event. It was an honor to present my research with so many other outstanding projects.”

Dr. Kinney added, “An event like this provides an opportunity not only to share our research with our peers, but also to discuss, critique, and improve our projects to make them even stronger. I cannot wait until next year’s competition to see how these projects evolve and what interesting new studies are developed.”

LCDR Lance E. LeClere, MD, MC, USN, is a shoulder surgeon in the department of orthopaedic surgery, NMCSD; CAPT Dana C. Covey, MD, MC, USN (Ret.), specializes in sports medicine with an emphasis on knee and shoulder injuries in the department of orthopaedic surgery, UCSD.