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Published 1/1/2014

Girder Signing

At a “girder signing” for the new orthopaedic headquarters building, Jake Jaquet, executive editor, publications, (left) and Peter Pollack, electronic content specialist, (right) made sure that AAOS publications, including AAOS Now, Journal of the AAOS, and Headline News Now, would help support construction. The signed girder will be lifted into place and become part of the building’s framework as construction proceeds. According to AAOS Now Editor-in-Chief S. Terry Canale, MD, “We’re proud to do our part to hold up the Academy’s new home. Although the girder, like much of what we do, will be ‘behind the scenes,’ the new headquarters building and Orthopaedic Learning Center will be a visible sign of orthopaedic unity and commitment to education, research, and advocacy.”