Published 6/1/2014

Best of AAOS 2014: Even Better than Before

Totally customizable format, easily digestible portions

Did you miss the AAOS 2014 Annual Meeting? Did you attend, but couldn’t get to all the sessions that looked interesting? Were some sessions you attended so filled with tips and valuable techniques that you’d like to review them again?

Now, you can—with Best of AAOS® 2014. Best of AAOS 2014 enables you to select from 32 different elective offerings—from a general “Meeting Highlights” that covers the Best of AAOS Symposium, the Best Posters, and Poster Author interviews to specific instructional courses, symposia, and poster tours. There’s no dictated curriculum; you can personalize the experience, just as you personalize your selections at the AAOS Annual Meeting.

If you discover that you need information from a different instructional course or symposia later, you can return and select that elective. Each session is captured in high-definition video, with support materials—including PDF handouts, abstracts, and posters—for in-depth study.

What makes these “The Best?”
“Best of AAOS 2014 brings you the most important advances and new thinking in every orthopaedic specialty area,” says Craig J. Della Valle, MD, who chaired the 2014 Central Instructional Courses Committee. “The instructional courses, symposia, posters, abstracts, and handouts that make up the Best of AAOS were carefully selected to ensure that they represent key takeaways and significant concepts in orthopaedic science, clinical care, patient safety, and practice management.”

Whether you are a surgeon or a student, whether your home is in the United States or halfway around the world, you can now benefit from the outstanding education of the AAOS Annual Meeting throughout the year. Select one or more electives to create a customized educational experience that is exceptionally affordable.

Best of AAOS 2014 is a convenient new way to learn and connect with the leading minds in orthopaedics. Get started today at bestof.aaos.org

Preview videos of each elective are available at http://bestof.aaos.org