Published 5/1/2014

Apply Now for the LFP

The Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) offers an exciting opportunity available to all AAOS Fellows who are age 45 or younger by Jan. 31, 2015. The LFP is a one-year program, which begins at the AAOS Annual Meeting. The program’s goal is to facilitate the development of future AAOS leaders from younger members who have previous volunteer or leadership experience.

The LFP combines didactic and experiential leadership training with an ongoing mentoring program. Fellows are matched with an established leader within the AAOS fellowship who serves as a mentor throughout the program.

Program goals
The LFP has the following goals:

  • introduce fellows to the AAOS governance structure
  • enable fellows to observe AAOS leadership at work
  • enable fellows to participate in interactive leadership development programs
  • engage fellows in opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions and learning
  • provide experience on an AAOS committee

Participation in the LFP is a year-long commitment with six mandatory meetings. Those who are considering applying for the program should review the LFP schedule before completing the application to ensure their ability to attend all meetings. The LFP application form is now available online at http://www.aaos.org/lfp

The deadline for applications is July 15, 2014. For inquiries, contact Kristen Erickson at (847) 384-4343 or erickson@aaos.org