Published 10/1/2014
Howard Mevis

AAOS Enhances Group Purchasing Program

The value and cost savings gained by participating in the AAOS Group Purchasing Program (GPP) can be substantial (see “A Great Way to Reduce Practice Expenses,” AAOS Now, September 2014). That’s because the AAOS GPP, powered by MedAssets, provides unparalleled access to orthopaedic supplies and equipment at competitive prices. Participants pay no enrollment or upfront fees, and no purchase commitment is required.

The AAOS GPP recently enhanced its program by contracting with Medline, a company well known for its broad product line—350,000 products across the entire continuum of care. Combining the strengths of MedAssets and Medline creates a synergy that can benefit AAOS members.

Participating practices will receive an additional 7 percent discount on the purchase of Medline-branded products. Medline also offers AAOS GPP participants purchasing options designed to generate additional cost savings. Practices can submit a list of their top 20 to 30 supply items and Medline will perform a cost analysis and send practices the data, including advance pricing information.

Practices order online or with a Medline representative, pricing is the same. Plus, practices that centralize their supply purchasing with Medline will still have access to other suppliers for special purchases through MedAssets.

Joining the AAOS GPP is easy. To learn how, contact Anita Jones, the dedicated AAOS account representative, at 678-735-2758 or at ajones@medassets.com

Howard Mevis is the director of electronic media, evaluation programs, course operations & practice management. He can be reached at mevis@aaos.org