Published 2/1/2015

New Support for Quality, Patient Safety Efforts

At its December 2014 meeting, the AAOS Board of Directors approved a funding program to support quality and patient safety efforts by member societies of the Board of Specialty Societies (BOS). The BOS Quality and Patient Safety Action Fund will award matching funds up to $50,000 per project to BOS member organizations that meet the prescribed grant criteria.

“The Fund would make BOS member organizations’ quality and patient safety programming, as well as related advocacy efforts, more attainable by providing financial support,” noted David C. Templeman, MD, BOS chair.

“The healthcare system continues to evolve quickly,” said David A. Halsey, MD, BOS chair-elect. “Creating, implementing, and maintaining quality and safety tools, as well as developing related advocacy tools, are critical to educating legislative bodies and regulatory agencies that are altering how we deliver patient care.”

“Quality as Advocacy” has been a hot topic during the BOS business meetings for the past two years and continues to be a discussion point for many societies. Fifteen BOS member organizations sent at least one representative to the AAOS Performance Measures Summit in July 2014. Several other societies expressed interest in participating, and societies have also expressed interest in developing relationships with regulatory agencies on specialty-specific quality issues. The new fund will help them achieve these goals.

More information will be available shortly. Watch AAOS Now for grant criteria and award announcements.