(From left) James A. Slough, MD, Chair of the BOC State Orthopaedics Societies Committee; Cindy Bishop, executive director of the LOA and recipient of the 2015 Executive Director of the Year Award; and the AAOS President David D. Teusher, MD.


Published 7/1/2015
Maureen Leahy

LOA’s Executive Director Wins Top Award

Cindy Bishop, executive director of the Louisiana Orthopaedic Association (LOA), was honored as the 2015 Executive Director of the Year during the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. According to LOA’s immediate past-president Daniel Gallagher, MD, Ms. Bishop represents the association with professionalism, leadership, and vision, and works closely with the association’s board of directors to execute the mission and goals of the leadership.

Ms. Bishop was recognized for her many accomplishments during her 17 years with the LOA, including her membership recruitment and retention efforts, particularly in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. During that time, Ms. Bishop maintained the LOA membership database and kept track of orthopaedic surgeons who were displaced by the storm to other areas of the state. She also created and maintained a database of orthopaedic practice managers and administrators. These efforts were instrumental in LOA’s efforts to rebuild and retain membership, said Dr. Gallagher.

“In recent years, our membership retention has grown to nearly 100 percent,” he said. “The orthopaedic practice managers and administrators help ensure that their physicians’ LOA membership dues are paid and up-to-date. Ms. Bishop also recruited 21 new members in 2014 and collected $10,000 more in dues than budget projections.”

In addition to her administrative accomplishments, Ms. Bishop is also a seasoned lobbyist. “During the legislative session, Cindy works tirelessly at the state capitol,” W. Stan Foster, MD, said in support of her nomination.

Specifically, she has assisted with the following issues:

  • defeating a House bill that would have given physical therapists direct access to patients
  • supporting workers’ compensation legislation
  • promoting sports medicine legislation

Ms. Bishop also coordinated the first-ever LOA legislation committee dinner, which provided LOA members the opportunity to speak directly with members of the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committee about issues that are important to orthopaedics.

In addition, Ms. Bishop is responsible for increasing contributions to the LOA’s political action committee (PAC). In 2014, she and her staff created a separate website for the PAC and set up a mechanism by which members could make secure credit card donations online. As a result, donations increased by more than 50 percent over the previous year.

Under Ms. Bishop’s leadership and direction, the LOA has begun hosting regional meetings throughout the state and a residency appreciation dinner. In addition to her many other duties, she also serves on the AAOS Board of Councilors State Orthopaedic Societies committee and attends the annual AAOS Executive Director’s Institute, where she interacts and shares ideas with other state orthopaedic society executive directors.

“Through Cindy’s tireless efforts, LOA has become one of the finest state societies in the country,” said Dr. Foster.

Maureen Leahy is assistant managing editor of AAOS Now. She can be reached at leahy@aaos.org