Published 6/1/2015
Lori Boukas

AJRR Attains New Milestones

National registry continues to expand its reach

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) is proud to announce that it has attained two major milestones in development as a national hip and knee joint replacement registry. In mid-May, AJRR welcomed its 500th participating hospital. As a national registry, the AJRR has orthopaedic representation from all 50 states and all types of medical institutions, including academic medical systems, smaller community hospitals, surgery centers, and private practice groups. (For a complete list of participating institutions, visit www.ajrr.net)

Additionally, AJRR surpassed its 2015 goal of achieving 250,000 procedures in the database. As of May, nearly 270,000 procedures were recorded from participating institutions in the Registry. More than 3,800 surgeons participate in the AJRR community.

Giving a boost to these numbers was the acquisition in March of the California Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR). Approximately 45 hospitals and their affiliated surgeons—responsible for more than one-third of all hip and knee replacements performed in California—contribute data through the CJRR.

“CJRR brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise in collecting and reporting robust, standardized patient-reported outcomes, which we are excited to see integrated into AJRR,” said Daniel J. Berry, MD, chair of the AJRR board of directors. “This affiliation will help us to provide the best service possible to all participating institutions and surgeons throughout the country.”

AJRR is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving orthopaedic care through collecting, analyzing, and bench marking data from across the entire United States. AJRR provides a wide range of actionable information and reporting to improve patient care and hospital management at all participating sites.

Together, the AJRR and its participating hospitals and surgeons are improving orthopaedic care through data!

Lori Boukas is the AJRR director of marketing and communications.