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Published 11/1/2015

OrthoGuidelines App Now Available

It's free at the Google Play and Apple stores

The AAOS OrthoGuidelines App provides users with a number of options enabling them to effortlessly scan through AAOS evidence-based products, such as clinical practice guidelines (CPG) and appropriate use criteria (AUC). Introduced in March 2015 as a web-based app, OrthoGuidelines is now available as a free native app download on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Users can access all AAOS CPG recommendations, conduct key word searches, and sort recommendations by topic, stage of care, or recommendation strength. The new, interactive presentation revolutionizes how CPGs are disseminated, making their use more efficient and their implementation more practical.

OrthoGuidelines also provides seamless access to AUC, enabling clinicians to check the CPG and move to a patient scenario to verify the appropriateness of a particular treatment (or vice versa) with a couple of clicks.

A full rationale accompanies each recommendation, giving users a more in-depth explanation, context, and description of the evidence that supports it. Each recommendation also has all relevant references listed for a more thorough and transparent experience. References are linked to PubMed, as available, providing immediate access to the study abstract. Users interested in examining the data summaries and evidence tables can still reference the full guidelines through a direct link from each recommendation.

Visit the Google Play or Apple Store and search for "OrthoGuidelines" to download. Don't have a smartphone or tablet? All of the functions of OrthoGuidelines can also be accessed via your computer at www.orthoguidelines.org

OrthoGuidelines App (Image)