Published 10/1/2015
Richard N. Peterson, JD

Members Endorse Recommended Resolutions, Bylaw Amendments

AAOS fellows casting ballots were overwhelmingly supportive of the recommendations on all AAOS resolutions and bylaw amendments in 2015. Fellows were asked to vote on six AAOS resolutions being considered under the 5-year review process. They also considered three Association bylaw amendments.

At the time of the 2015 balloting, the AAOS had 23,802 active, emeritus, and inactive fellows eligible to vote. Ballots and information on voting were delivered by e-mail, fax, and U.S. Postal Service, and fellows were also able to review the issues and vote on the AAOS website.

During the initial balloting period, which ended on May 27, 2015, 12 percent of eligible fellows voted. However, for resolutions to be adopted, the bylaws require that at least 20 percent of the fellowship cast ballots. As a result, the AAOS Board of Directors authorized reopening the ballot process for up to two additional 30-day periods. With the reopening of the balloting, a total of 4,928 valid ballots were received by August 21, 2015, for a 20.7 percent response rate.

All recommendations on the AAOS resolutions and bylaw amendments were adopted (Table 1).

With the adoption of the bylaws amendment lowering the quorum requirement for the adoption of resolutions and bylaws from 20 percent to 5 percent of all fellows, re-opening balloting to achieve the quorum call in years to come may no longer be necessary.

Richard N. Peterson, JD, is the AAOS general counsel. He can be reached at peterson@aaos.org