Published 6/1/2016

Pat on the Back...

  • Cato T. Laurencin, MD, PhD, recipient of the 2016 Connecticut Medal of Technology.
  • 2016 AOFAS Resident Scholars: Mostafa Abousayed, MB BCh; Christopher Adair, MD; Craig Chike Akoh, MD; Shannon Alejandro, MD; Dillon Arango, MD; Lara Atwater, MD; Malick Bachabi, MD; Patrick Barousse, MD;  Taylor Beahrs, MD; David Beck, MD; Christopher Belyea, MD, MBA; Kevin Campbell, MD; Jeremy Chan, MD; Megan Clair Chapter, DO; Grant Cochran, MD; Catherine Conlin, MD; Sally Corey, DO; Matthew Crawford, MD; James Davies, MD; Robert G. Dekker, MD; Fred Finney, MD; Jason A. Fogleman, MD; Mitchell Fourman, MD; Rabun Fox, MD; David A. Goss Jr, DO; Roman Guerrero-Maestre, MD; Ajay Gurbani, MD; David Hankins, MD; Sarah Heintzman, MD; Karl Henrikson, MD; Adam Huff, MD; Sean Lannon, MD; Brian Lau, MD; Robert Lewis, MD; Evan Loewy, MD; Andrew P. Matson, MD; Roshan Melvani, MD; Stuart Michnick, MD; Brandon Morris, MD; Devon Nixon, MD; Matthew Pigott, MD; Jessica Reissig, DO; Damien Richardson, MD; Kenneth Smith Jr, MD; Niall Smyth, MD; Lauren Szolomayer, MD; Rufus Van Dyke, MD; Martin Weisman, MD; Megan Wolf, MD; and Chia Wu, MD.
  • New board members of the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association: Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD, president; C. Lowry Barnes, MD, first vice-president; Robert F. McLain, MD, second vice-president; Norman S. Turner, MD, secretary; Thomas W. Throckmorton, MD, member at-large; Jeffrey A. Macalena, MD, 2017 Program Committee chair; and Nicolas O. Noiseux, MD, Membership Committee chair.