This brochure, available from the AAOS Public Relations Department, explains the kinds of conditions and injuries orthopaedic surgeons treat, and the ways in which they help restore function and mobility.


Published 3/1/2016
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD

Promote Bone and Joint Health, Your Practice, and Orthopaedics

AAOS Public Relations Department offers a wealth of free resources
The Academy provides a wide array of tools to help you promote your practice and profession, as well as to communicate with patients and the public about important musculoskeletal health issues. Take advantage of these programs and resources from the AAOS to get the word out about the valuable services you and your fellow orthopaedists provide.

Spokesperson Program
The Public Relations Department regularly seeks new members to join the AAOS Spokespersons Program. When the AAOS receives a media inquiry, staff members frequently turn to the Academy's database of orthopaedic surgeons categorized by state and orthopaedic area of expertise to match the reporter's request with an appropriate orthopaedic surgeon. Members can also participate in media training, offered at the AAOS annual, fall, and National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference meetings.

Signing up for the AAOS Media Spokespersons Program is easy. Simply fill out the online form at  

A Nation in Motion®
A Nation in Motion provides inspirational patient stories and tips from orthopaedic surgeons on maintaining bone and joint health, avoiding injuries, undergoing treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, and navigating recovery. Much of the content comes from orthopaedic surgeon members who contribute to the website ( in the following ways:

  • Write an Ortho-pinion on a condition, treatment or safety topic.
  • Submit a Surgeon Bio—the story of you and your journey/commitment to orthopaedic surgery.
  • Answer "Ask Us" questions submitted by patients. If interested, please contact the Public Relations Department at
  • Encourage patients to visit the website to share their stories about overcoming an orthopaedic injury or condition through medical care and their own determination and perseverance.

PSA campaign
Each year, the Academy releases several public service announcement (PSAs) on orthopaedic issues and injury prevention topics, often in collaboration with a specialty society.

In 2016, the Academy is offering three new print PSAs (available as posters and postcards) on the following topics: bike safety, with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association; ladder safety, with the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society; and spine impairment in military veterans, with the North American Spine Foundation. In addition, the Academy is distributing a radio PSA on ladder safety, and will continue to distribute the "Digital Deadwalker" TV PSA, which humorously yet effectively highlights the dangers of distracted walking.

For your office waiting room
The Academy also offers a collection of brochures, information cards, and videos to promote orthopaedics and bone and joint health in your waiting room:

  • A Nation in Motion information cards, available in packets of 50 
  • AAOS TV, a patient-focused DVD including 30 bone and joint health segments
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons: Restoring Mobility and Keeping Our Nation in Motion brochure

Optimize your social media presence

  • Today, more physicians are using social media to communicate with their patients and communities; however, it can be challenging to consistently secure new content that is engaging and accurate. Fortunately, the Academy offers numerous resources that you can share with your patients and followers:
  • The Academy's Facebook and Twitter pages:,, and provide regular information on orthopaedic trends, breakthroughs, injury prevention tips, the value of orthopaedics, and updates on legislative and regulatory issues related to orthopaedics.
  • offers patient information on hundreds of orthopaedic diseases and conditions.
  • highlights the latest distracted driving resources, facts and stats, and videos.
  • The Academy's YouTube channel, at, offers dozens of short videos, including PSAs and interviews on injury prevention, obesity, and other musculoskeletal health topics.
  • offers images and links to bone and joint health news, stats, facts, and images.

How to download or order resources
Download free radio, video or print PSAs—for your office waiting room, website or social media accounts—and order posters, postcards, and brochures from

The Communications Cabinet will continue to create and produce materials that help our members connect with patients and other key stakeholders. In the meantime, I welcome your feedback. If there is a topic or idea you think would resonate well with patients, the media, elected officials, or residents in your local community, please contact

Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, chairs the AAOS Communications Cabinet. He can be reached at