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Published 9/1/2016
Richard N. Peterson, JD

Members Endorse AAOS Resolutions and Bylaw Amendment Recommendations

AAOS fellows casting ballots were overwhelmingly supportive of recommendations on all AAOS resolutions and bylaw amendments in 2016. Fellows were asked to vote on seven AAOS resolutions being considered under the 5-year review process. They also considered two Association bylaw amendments. 

At the time of the 2016 balloting, the AAOS had 25,213 active, emeritus, and inactive fellows eligible to vote. Ballots and information on voting were delivered by email, fax, and U.S. Postal Service, and fellows were also able to review issues and vote on the AAOS website. A total of 3,193 valid ballots were received by the due date, for a 12.66 percent response rate. Those demographics of fellows casting ballots are roughly comparable to all fellows eligible to vote, with the exception that a higher percentage of active fellows (80 percent versus 72 percent) and a lower percentage of emeritus fellows (18 percent versus 25 percent) cast ballots.

All recommendations on the AAOS resolutions and bylaw amendments were adopted, and no measure received less than a 96 percent approval rate (Table 1). The AAOS Board of Directors is responsible for the "reasonable and timely" implementation of all resolutions adopted by the fellowship. Since each of the seven resolutions was adopted at least five years ago and are current AAOS policy, the Board did not need to make any changes or take any action to implement the adopted resolutions.

Richard N. Peterson, JD, is the AAOS general counsel. He can be reached at peterson@aaos.org