Published 4/1/2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Poster Award Winners

This year, 575 posters were displayed at the Annual Meeting. The best poster in each of 11 categories was chosen prior to the Annual Meeting by the relevant program subcommittee. Poster P261 was recognized as the best poster overall.

Adult Reconstruction Hip
Poster No. P001—The Role of Toll-like Receptor 4 in the Cobalt-mediated Immune Response in Endothelial Cells. Authors: Sami A. Anjum; David J. Deehan, FRCS; James P. Holland, FRCS; John Kirby; Helen Lawrence; and Alison Tyson-Capper. An in vitro investigation into inflammatory responses to cobalt. Adult Reconstruction Knee
Poster No. P106—Early Outcomes with a New Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) System vs. Contemporary TKA: Interim Results of Two Worldwide, Multi-center Prospective Studies. Authors: Ivan Brenkel, FRCS; Mark Clatworthy, MD; Kimberly Dwyer; William G. Hamilton, MD; Sam Himden, BA; Stephen R. Kantor, MD; and James Lesko, PhD. Postoperative functional performance improvement using a new TKA system was compared to outcomes of currently available TKAs in a parallel study. Foot and Ankle
Poster No. P206—Evaluation of Mobility at the Articulation Between the Medial and Middle Cuneiform Using a 3D Analysis System and Weightbearing CT in Normal Versus Hallux Valgus Patients: Is Arthrodesis of this Articulation Necessary for the Lapidus Procedure? Authors: Hattori Asaki; Tadashi Kimura, MD; Makoto Kubota, MD; Keishi Marumo, MD; Naoki Suzuki; and Tetsuya Taguchi, MD. Patients with hallux valgus had hypermobility of the intracuneiform joint, suggesting further improvement of postoperative outcomes of the Lapidus procedure may be obtained through arthrodesis of the intracuneiform joint. Hand and Wrist
Poster No. P226—A Radiographic Analysis of Closed Reduced Distal Radius Fractures at the Time of Union. Authors: George K. Banning; Dipal Chatterjee, MD; Ahmed Eldib, MD; Emmanuel Illical, MD, FRCSC; Bhaveen H. Kapadia, MD; Neil B. Mulchandani, MD; Arie G. Trouw, MD; and William P. Urban, MD. Closed reduction showed significant improvement in coronal and sagittal alignment on postreduction radiographs, but regression toward initial injury measurement was observed at time of union. Musculoskeletal Oncology
Poster No. P241—Validation of a Rat Model for Analyzing microRNA in Chondrosarcoma. Authors: Christopher R. Dobson, MD; Timothy Evans, MD; Nicholas C. Frisch, MD; Gary Gibson; Albert Levin, PhD; Michael P. Mott, MD; Theodore W. Parsons III, MD; and Yun Wang. This study evaluated the similarities and differences between rat and human chondrosarcoma in an effort to evaluate the possibility of using a rat model to study this type of cancer. Pediatrics
Poster No. P261—Effect of NSAID Use in the Acute Phase of Skeletally Immature Bone Healing: A Prospective, Randomized Study. Authors: Kelsie Coe, BS; James L. Cook, DVM; Sumit Gupta, MD; Daniel G. Hoernschemeyer, MD; and Julia Vetter Nuelle, MD. Findings suggest NSAID use does not impair long-bone fracture healing in skeletally immature patients in the acute fracture setting. Practice Management/Rehabilitation
Poster No. P281—Orthopaedic Surgery Resident Financial Literacy: Assessing Knowledge in Debt, Investment, and Retirement Savings. Authors: John Jennings, MD; Courtney Quinn, MD; and Saqib Rehman, MD. Orthopaedic surgery residents carry substantial debt, and despite a high earning potential, they have poor financial literacy. Residents support a curriculum for investing and retirement savings. Shoulder and Elbow
Poster No. P301—No Difference in Long-term Development of Rotator Cuff Rupture and Muscle Volumes in Impingement Patients With or Without Decompression: A Randomized MRI Study of 140 Patients. Authors: Ilkka Arnala, MBA; Saara Ketola, MD; and Janne T. Lehtinen, MD. Arthroscopic acromioplasty does not have any long-term benefit, based on radiologic findings of muscle volumes. Spine
Poster No. P361—Using Hounsfield Units to Quantify Optimal Fixation Techniques in Spine Surgery: A Biomechanical Study Correlating AP DXA, Lateral DXA, and CT to Pullout Strength. Authors: Wayne K. Cheng, MD; Olumide A. Danisa, MD; Serkan Inceoglu, PhD; and Qasim Zaidi, MD. Hounsfield unit measurement on CT scan provides an alternate means of assessing the biomechanical strength of spine fixation and may avoid the pitfalls of traditional DXA scanning. Sports Medicine
Poster No. P422—A Biomechanical Comparison of All-Inside Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament Graft Preparation Techniques. Authors: Jacqueline M. Brady, MD; Anora K. Burwell, DPT; Andrea Herzka, MD; Joseph Nguyen, MPH; Joseph G. O'Sullivan; and Kathryn C. Skoglund, BS. Biomechanical comparison of five graft preparation techniques used for all-inside knee cruciate ligament reconstruction shows significant differences in cyclic displacement and ultimate failure load. Trauma
Poster No. P496—Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Reduces Fracture-induced Inflammatory Gene Expression in Osteochondral-synovial Co-culture. Authors: Daniel Cunningham, BS; Bridgette D. Furman, BS; Farshid Guilak, PhD; Amy L. McNulty, BS; and Steven A. Olson, MD. Cartilage gene expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and receptors after fracture can be reduced with administration of IL-1 receptor antagonist in osteochondral-synovial co-culture.