Published 12/1/2017

Pat on the Back

Lawrence D. Dorr, MD, received the 2017 American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Humanitarian Award.

Karen L. Hackett, FACHE, CAE, former chief executive officer (CEO) of AAOS, received the Medical Executive Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Medical Association. Ms. Hackett was recognized for her substantial contributions during her 14-tenure as CEO to the goals and ideals of AAOS.

William Mitchell, MD, received the 2017 NASS David Selby Award.

Daniel Resnick, MD, MS, named president of the North American Spine Society (NASS).

K. Daniel Riew, MD, received the 2017 NASS Leon Wiltse Award.

David A. Wong, MD, MSc, FRCS, received the 2017 NASS Spine Advocacy Award.

S. Tim Yoon, MD, PhD, received the 2017 NASS Henry Farfan Award.