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Published 2/1/2017
Andrew J. Sheean, MD

More from the SOMOS 2016 Annual Meeting

Throughout the 2016 SOMOS annual meeting, many well-known surgeons addressed attendees on a variety of subjects and moderated several scientific sessions on cutting-edge topics.

Henry Claude Sagi, MD, provided his perspective on the treatment of femoral head fractures. Dr. Sagi advocated for operative treatment of Type I Pipkin fractures of the femoral head, either with fixation or excision. Additionally, Dr. Sagi offered his opinion that acetabular rim fractures associated with femoral head fractures should generally be treated with operative stabilization.

Robert T. Burks, MD, reviewed state-of-the-art techniques in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and provided an interesting synopsis of the evolution of thought in ACL reconstruction. In particular, Dr. Burks highlighted the growth in popularity of independent femoral tunnel drilling during the last decade.

John M. Tokish, MD, reflected on his tenure as the Chief of Sports Medicine at the U.S. Air Force Academy, emphasizing the importance of surgeons developing strong working relationships with athletic trainers and physical therapists. Dr. Tokish encouraged listeners to enlist athletic trainers and therapists to tailor therapy regimens to athletes' capabilities and competitive goals.

In addition, AAOS President Gerald R. Williams Jr, MD, explored national trends in shoulder reconstruction and arthroplasty. He commented on the growing popularity of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, while noting the growing level of expertise among shoulder surgeons nationwide.

Andrew J. Sheean, MD, is a member of the AAOS Now Editorial Board. He can be reached at ajsheean@gmail.com