Published 5/1/2017

Setting AAOS Now Straight

Dear Dr. Truumees:
I read with great interest your editorial in the March issue of AAOS Now. I believe you did a very good job addressing integrative medicine and espousing a common sense approach, which I think is too often lost with most orthopaedic practitioners. Your article was balanced and pointed out integrative medicine approaches that are being used by orthopaedists in this country.

Physicians who realize that integrative medicine is a part of our culture can use it to their advantage, as long as it does not interfere or hurt somebody in their care. I also think that being open-minded about integrative medicine, rather than being totally negative about it, may increase a physician's practice space rather than decrease it. I commend you for writing an article on this topic—it was long overdue.  I look forward to reading your editorials each month. Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Gregory A. Zemenick, MD
Troy, Mich.