Published 5/1/2017

Submit Manuscripts for 2018 Kappa Delta Awards

The AAOS is soliciting manuscripts for the 2018 Kappa Delta Awards and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) Clinical Research Award. Up to two $20,000 Kappa Delta awards—the Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award and the Ann Doner Vaughan Award, one $20,000 Kappa Delta Young Investigator award, and one $20,000 OREF Clinical Research Award—will be bestowed, provided manuscripts of requisite quality are submitted.

Manuscripts should represent a large body of cohesive scientific work generally reflecting years of investigation. If the submission reflects a single project, it should be of high significance and impact. Manuscripts must be submitted by members (or candidate members) of the AAOS, Orthopaedic Research Society, Canadian Orthopaedic Association, or Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society.

Submissions for the 2018 Kappa Delta and OREF Clinical Research Awards will be accepted in electronic format only. PDF submissions are due to kappadelta@aaos.org by 11:59 p.m. CDT on July 1, 2017. Late submissions will not be considered.

Winners of the 2018 Kappa Delta and OREF Clinical Research Award winners will receive their awards at the 2018 AAOS Annual Meeting, March 6–10, 2018, in New Orleans, and will present their papers during the 2018 ORS Annual Meeting, March 10–13, in New Orleans.

For additional information and further instruction, please visit www.aaos.org/kappadelta

Advancing orthopaedics
Kappa Delta Sorority has contributed to the advancement of orthopaedics since 1950. The highly coveted orthopaedic research awards through the AAOS have been the starting point for many prominent researchers and physicians in the field. Starting with one $1,000 research award in 1950, Kappa Delta now supports three $20,000 grants and is dedicated to the future of musculoskeletal health.

The Kappa Delta awards call attention to important studies and garner esteemed recognition in the field. A past Kappa Delta Young Investigator Award Recipient put it best: "It's like the Nobel Prize of Orthopaedics. This serves to inspire young investigators and more experienced investigators to produce larger bodies of cohesive work, which is necessary for successful research programs and advancing the field to enable better treatment options for our patients."

Physicians and researchers have used funds from Kappa Delta for laboratory establishment, support, and equipment, for projects that have allowed the conduct of further research and development, and as seed money for additional research funding.