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Published 3/1/2018

Pat on the Back

Clarence Shields, MD, received the ESP Education & Leadership Institute's 2018 BOSS™ Giver Award.

Members of the OMeGA Medical Grants Association (OMeGA) 2018 board of directors: Rex C. Haydon, MD, president; Richard J. D'Ascoli, MD, secretary; Julie Y. Bishop, MD, treasurer; R. Dale Blasier, MD; Langdon A. Hartsock, MD; James J. Purtill, MD; Wayne J. Sebastianelli MD; and John C. Elfar, MD.

Members of the OMeGA 2018 advisory board: Michael A. Simon, MD; William W. Tomford, MD; and David E. Attarian, MD.

Members of the OMeGA 2018 review committee: Ngozi M. Akabudike, MD; Hisham Awan, MD; John A. Bergfeld, MD; Jesse E. Bible, MD; Walton W. Curl, MD; Syed Ashfaq Hasan, MD; David H. Kim, MD; Elizabeth M. Nolan, MD; William T. Obremskey, MD; Brian C. Toolan, MD; Ruth L. Thomas, MD; Robert J. Bielski, MD; and Lauren E. Matteini, MD.