Fig. 1 A sample OVT video page


Published 11/1/2018

New Orthopaedic Video Theater Is Now a Member Benefit

Expand your knowledge and grow your personal brand with the enhanced video library

You asked, and the Academy listened. The Orthopaedic Video Theater (OVT)—a growing collection of nearly 700 peer-reviewed, orthopaedic surgical videos—is now available to all AAOS members as a member benefit, representing a $349 annual value. OVT provides trusted content with none of the clutter of other video sites. All surgeon-submitted videos in the OVT collection are peer-reviewed to ensure quality and medical accuracy (Fig. 1). Members can access OVT anytime, anywhere to keep your techniques current, prepare for surgical cases, or review other surgical approaches.

In addition, OVT’s expanded features mean that sharing your knowledge and engaging with expert surgeons across the globe are now easier than ever. The latest features enable you to share, rate, comment, and contribute your videos to help build the ultimate, trusted video resource for orthopaedic surgeons. The videos you provide will be accessible to 39,000 AAOS members around the world as well as nonmember subscribers. Visitors can select your profile to view your video contributions (Fig. 2). You also can engage with expert surgeons and peers by commenting on their videos or sharing favorites with colleagues.

Now you can contribute surgical videos in two ways, with OVT Plus and OVT User-submitted videos.

OVT Plus: Extensive peer review with additional benefits

Fig. 1 A sample OVT video page
Fig. 2 A sample OVT bio page

OVT Plus video submissions undergo an extensive peer-review process in the specialty area. It follows the same process as OVT videos in the past. Acceptance into this esteemed collection comes with benefits to enhance your surgical reputation, including:

  • free registration to the AAOS Annual Meeting for the lead author (coauthors are offered a reduced registration rate)
  • presentation at the AAOS Annual Meeting
  • opportunity to qualify for award-winning designation
  • video abstract inclusion in the Journal of the AAOS
  • ability to include the published video on your CV
  • CME designation, which makes your content enduring material

User-submitted videos: The fastest way to share your knowledge

OVT’s new User-submitted videos offer an expedited peer-review process that enables videos to be posted quickly online. Once uploaded by an author, a video will undergo a fast peer review and be published.

Both User-submitted and OVT Plus video submissions provide medically accurate, high-quality videos that elevate your brand as a surgeon and help advance education within the orthopaedic community.

The Academy understands that access to high-quality surgical videos is important to complement your experience and training, which is why OVT is now available as a benefit of AAOS membership. AAOS hopes you enjoy the enhanced OVT and all that it has to offer to improve your surgical knowledge and to extend your brand as a surgeon.