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Published 4/1/2019

ABOS Opens Web-based Longitudinal Assessment Questions

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) has launched a new Knowledge Assessment option as part of the ABOS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Instead of sitting for an ABOS computer-based or oral recertification examination, ABOS Diplomates can now complete the assessment via the new Web-based Longitudinal Assessment (ABOS WLA) program. With ABOS WLA, yearly review of Orthopaedic Knowledge Sources and open-book questions are delivered to participating Diplomates’ personal computers. Diplomates can begin answering questions for this year’s ABOS WLA program as early as April 15.

Diplomates who plan on participating in the ABOS WLA this year must first select 15 of the 101 Knowledge Sources posted on the ABOS WLA portal for in-depth study. The portal can be accessed via the Diplomate Dashboard, available at www.abos.org, by clicking on the ABOS WLA Platform tab.

Once the ABOS WLA fee is paid, a Diplomate can start answering questions and begin participating in this year’s ABOS WLA program. The chosen Knowledge Sources will form the basis for 30 multiple-choice questions (two from each chosen source) that will be delivered to Diplomates’ personal computers during the assessment window (April 15 to May 20). The ABOS WLA is open book; Diplomates have three minutes to answer each question. Each user can answer as many or as few questions in one sitting as desired, but all questions must be answered by May 20.

Answering 120 questions correctly or earning five quality years of successful participation is necessary to meet MOC requirements. More information on successful completion, including requirements based on a Diplomate’s Certification expiration date, can be found at www.abos.org. The website provides important information on participation and MOC, such as when the application, case list, and continuing medical education (CME)/self-assessment exam credits need to be submitted. The ABOS WLA only satisfies the Part III requirement of ABOS’ MOC program; Diplomates still need to complete the other requirements as they have in the past.

The ABOS WLA is open to all Diplomates whose Certification expires between 2019 and 2028. Those whose Certification expires in 2029 can participate beginning in 2020, and those with a Certification expiration date of 2030 can begin in 2021.

Eligible Diplomates who may be unsure about the ABOS WLA and who have paid the fee can try the program this year. If they like it, they can continue in 2020; if not, they will have the option to take either an ABOS computer-based examination or an oral recertification examination.

The ABOS WLA has been approved for the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 Credit™, awarded by AAOS. Please contact AAOS for questions pertaining to this CME credit.

For more information about the ABOS WLA, visit www.abos.org or call 919-929-7103.