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Published 4/1/2019
Ryann Hoffenberg

Take Orthopaedic Knowledge on the Go with the JAAOS Unplugged Podcast

It started with an idea. Andy Jensen, MD, chair of AAOS Resident Assembly, approached a room full of fellow surgeons at the AAOS 2018 Annual Meeting with a problem: There are not many orthopaedic podcasts out there. What if surgeons want something to listen to on their commute, at the gym, or during lunch? With the support of AAOS and the Resident Assembly, JAAOS Unplugged was born.

Dr. Jensen was the obvious choice to host the podcast and was tasked with first summarizing articles in the Journal of the AAOS (JAAOS), then inviting the author of one review article to discuss his or her research on the air.

“I try to pick articles that translate well to our audience, and I vary which specialties I focus on,” Dr. Jensen said. The process of coordinating schedules with authors can be difficult, as surgeons are notoriously busy, but Dr. Jensen said every author he has worked with has been “very willing to participate and so accommodating.”

The recording process begins about a month before an episode’s launch. Dr. Jensen reads articles slated to appear in the journal and makes notes on each for his summaries. When he selects the featured author, he reaches out to coordinate the interview. The recording occurs two to three weeks before the podcast launches.

“It’s important during the interview to make it more of a conversation,” Dr. Jensen said. “I act like a learner, trying to anticipate the listeners’ questions and getting in-depth answers from the authors.”

Ten days before an episode’s launch, Learners Digest International (LDI), an acquisition of publishing company Wolters Kluwer, sends Dr. Jensen his once-raw audio that has been edited and transformed into a streaming-quality episode. Once Dr. Jensen gives final approval, an episode is scheduled to go live on numerous platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Since the launch of the first episode, Dr. Jensen has received positive feedback. “We have great reviews on iTunes, which is amazing,” Dr. Jensen said. “Even socially, people reach out to tell me how much they enjoy listening.”

The future of JAAOS Unplugged looks bright. Dr. Jensen has several interesting articles planned for the next few episodes, including discussions on shoulder arthroplasty and complex hip replacement.

“In the future, I would love to expand the podcast to include famous and influential articles for the discussions and include research summaries,” Dr. Jensen said. “Right now, though, things are going really well, and we are just taking it month by month.”

Although the idea for the podcast began with Dr. Jensen, he is not alone in the production of each episode.

“I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who helps put these episodes together, from Wolters Kluwer to AAOS to LDI,” Dr. Jensen said. “LDI has been wonderful in helping me navigate the logistics of the recording process.”

After more than a year of planning and preparing, Dr. Jensen is excited to see his project finally come to fruition. He notes the plethora of talent and positive energy within the Resident Assembly regarding this project.

“I feel like it will definitely continue to be successful because everyone is so excited about it,” Dr. Jensen said.

The most recent episode of JAAOS Unplugged, “Scapular Notching + Orthopaedic Research Summaries,” is now available on most podcasting platforms; search “JAAOS Unplugged” in the app on your smartphone or desktop computer. To learn more about the podcast, visit www.aaos.org/jaaos.

Ryann Hoffenberg is a digital editorial coordinator at AAOS, primarily supporting JAAOS.