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Published 2/1/2019

OVT Proves to be a Powerful Tool For Members Wanting to Share Technique Videos

With Orthopaedic Video Theater (OVT), the newest free benefit for AAOS members, surgeons can share techniques in two ways: OVT User submitted and OVT Plus collection videos. Both options allow you to keep the rights to your contentone offers a quick peer review, and the other provides several additional benefits.

Get published quickly with OVT User-submitted videos

OVT’s new User-submitted video option offers an expedited peer-review process. Once uploaded, a video is submitted to AAOS committee members in the given orthopaedic specialty and is quickly reviewed and published. This growing collection offers OVT viewers access to the very latest in orthopaedic surgical techniques.

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Take advantage of additional benefits with submission to the OVT Plus collection

OVT Plus video submissions undergo a more extensive peer review process and offer additional benefits. Lead authors enjoy free registration to the AAOS Annual Meeting, co­authors receive a significantly reduced registration rate, and published videos can be included on CVs. In addition, award-winning programs are chosen from all submissions and recognized at the AAOS Annual Meeting each year. Award-winning video abstracts are included in the Journal of the AAOS and indexed in PubMed. This highly esteemed recognition is given to a few who are identified by their peers as having programs that are exceptional in quality and content. In addition, many OVT Plus videos carry continuing medical education designation, making the content enduring material.

OVT’s two submission options are designed to better serve the needs of each individual orthopaedic professional. Help advance education within the orthopaedic communitysubmit your video at today.