The four ascending levels of involvement in the AAOS Leadership Institute


Published 10/1/2020
Terry Stanton

AAOS Unveils Leadership Institute

New program will be available to all members

The Academy is launching a new program available to all AAOS members that will provide leadership education, mentoring, and networking opportunities to those seeking to acquire and refine the skills needed to progress and succeed as a volunteer leader at AAOS.

The AAOS Leadership Institute, or ALI (pronounced “AL-EYE”), will be offered in four successive tiers that align to the member’s current level of involvement in the Academy’s governance structure. Levels 1 and 2, which will launch later this month, are offered to orient members into the Academy’s culture and resources and prepare them for AAOS committee service. ALI Levels 3 and 4 will be available in the spring of 2021 through an application process for members who aspire to serve at higher levels of service, such as a committee or council chair or on the Board of Directors (BoD).

An essential goal of the ALI program is to extend AAOS leadership opportunities to all interested AAOS members, including Resident and Candidate members. Because the ALI program is a prerequisite for volunteer committee service, it provides a clear pathway for members interested in reaching higher levels of leadership.

“A high-functioning, high-value organization needs to have a leadership development plan,” said AAOS President Joseph A. Bosco III, MD, FAAOS. “The Academy is nothing more than its members, and we develop leaders from within. We believe that each member can contribute to the organization based on merit and in his or her own way. The AAOS Leadership Institute represents a commitment by the Academy to invest now for its leadership tomorrow.”

Level 1 is AAOS Member Engagement, recommended for all members—whether new or longstanding—and is designed to acquaint or refresh them with the workings, scope, and member benefits of the Academy, as well as the structure and function of committees, councils, and the BoD. This introduction also serves as a refresher for any member, and completion of the Level 1 online module will be a requirement to advance to the next levels in ALI.

Level 2, Foundational Learning, provides a great opportunity to learn more about leadership at AAOS, as well as take a deeper dive into topics such as strategic thinking, governance, effective communication, and diversity. Completion of Level 2 will be a prerequisite for committee service.

Because ALI Levels 1 and 2 primarily provide online learning modules, webinars, and informal mentoring that can be completed at any pace, all members are strongly encouraged to explore these offerings both to ground themselves in the workings of the Academy and to establish or enhance their qualifications for service on committees and in governance roles.

Visit the last week of October to see complete details of the program and how you can get started. More information about the program will appear in the November issue of AAOS Now.

Terry Stanton is the senior medical writer for AAOS Now. He can be reached at