Published 3/24/2021

A New Medical Image-sharing Option Available for Free via the AAOS Member Advantage Program

The Academy’s mission is to serve the profession to provide the highest-quality musculoskeletal care. Having the tools and resources needed to be a practicing orthopaedic surgeon is part of that goal. Some of the ways the Academy delivers on its promise is providing educational resources through its in-depth learning opportunities; ways to use your data with registry participation; networking and in-person learning through courses and the Annual Meeting; and access to additional products, programs, and services for your busy practice.

Through the AAOS Member Advantage Program, members can be assured that the partners, programs, and products selected have been vetted by AAOS as practical, money-saving solutions for your professional and personal use.

When AAOS relaunched the program last year, it focused on items to help busy and growing practices, with resources that include discounts on office supplies; personal financial protection; and home, life, and medical insurance products. Now, as the program moves into the second year, the Academy is bringing on more innovative and orthopaedic-focused services that members might not be familiar with.

The latest offering to the program is from my medicalimages. This service offers patients a cloud-based solution to share and view medical images. The web platform helps to expedite care because receiving and sharing medical images can be done in seconds compared to the old way of transferring files on outdated technology such as CDs. Members can view, share, and manage medical images from anywhere, enabling collaboration with colleagues to view entire studies simultaneously. This option is very helpful for those wanting to collaborate or provide second opinions. This program is free for AAOS members, and members can even earn a small commission for patients who use the app.

Now is a good time to visit the Member Advantage Program website and even bookmark the page to visit frequently and see how it continues to grow and mature. If you have any products, programs, or services you would like the Academy to consider, email memberadvantage@aaos.org.