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Published 8/31/2021

Learn More About the New AAOS Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge Program

Be sure to make time during this year’s Annual Meeting to visit the AAOS Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge Program (ROCK), located in the AAOS Resource Center in Academy Hall. The AAOS Education team will be on hand to provide guided demos of this soon-to-be-released, dynamic, and engaging resident learning environment. ROCK is designed to empower residents with core foundational knowledge aligned to their individual needs, and resident program directors will have the flexibility to incorporate content at the depth, breadth, and timing necessary to achieve their programs’ specific goals.

The thoughtfully curated curriculum consists of content from AAOS and other trusted resources which has been vetted and edited by a panel of 110 premier experts in 11 subspecialty areas, making this program one of the most comprehensive and customizable learning platforms available to U.S. residency programs. It is delivered in two formats: bullet points for quick study and longform paragraphs for in-depth exploration of the content.

ROCK consists of:

  • 548 total chapters
  • 500+ authors
  • 1,000+ full-text journal articles
  • 1,000+ full-text chapters
  • 500+ videos
  • 5,000+ exam chapters

The result is a singular, exhaustive learning resource for residents. Everything they need to pass their Boards, feel confident in their Orthopaedic In-training Examination scores, and become well-rounded orthopaedic surgeons is included in the curriculum. The curriculum consists of tracks for both junior and senior residents; each track contains two years of in-depth educational content.

For those residents who want to take a deeper dive into specific topics, ROCK’s subject-matter experts have included additional resources in each chapter. These resources eliminate the need for residents to spend time searching for multiple sources to support their learning.

The ROCK platform offers program directors access to analytics to identify struggling learners—and those who are excelling—for a data-based understanding into how residents are spending their time on independent learning. This tool helps program directors coach their residents more effectively and create individualized learning paths when needed. Directors also can use ROCK’s customizable calendar to fit their programs’ needs and easily integrate existing program resources into the platform.

ROCK is currently in beta testing, and AAOS will unlock the resource for all programs in the first quarter of 2022. Residency programs will have full access to the platform and all its benefits with no licensing fees through June 30, 2023. Residents, regardless of a program’s enrollment status, will have free access to the chapter content, excluding analytics and assessments, during the trial period and beyond.

Program directors and residents are invited to get a sneak peek of the platform in the ROCK booth, located in the AAOS Resource Center, Academy Hall. Resource Center hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow through Friday.

Interested in a presentation on ROCK? Please join the AAOS Resident Assembly Education Forum on Friday, Sept. 3 for an overview given by Paul Tornetta III, MD, in Room 17B at 10 a.m. See the AAOS Staff at the door for seating.