Visit to connect with the Business Development team and schedule an onsite meeting.


Published 8/31/2021

Engage in Excellence with the AAOS Business Development Team

From member advertising opportunities to sponsored market research, the AAOS Business Development team provides industry partners with engagement and innovation opportunities to help achieve their goals of reaching orthopaedic surgeons and allied professionals.

The Business Development team is on site at the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting, ready to connect with industry partners and help them build programs to meet their needs.

Through various engagement opportunities, corporate entities can join with AAOS in providing high-quality education and programs for U.S. and international orthopaedic surgeons. AAOS recognizes the importance that industry plays in its mission and actively seeks opportunities for industry stakeholders to engage with members and the entire Academy.

To connect with the team and schedule an on-site meeting, visit