Fig. 1 The AAOS Membership App gives members easy access to AAOS resources as well as engagement with colleagues.


Published 10/11/2022
Terry Stanton

The AAOS Membership App Is Live

New tool offers members easy access to what they want most

AAOS members now have a mobile “front door” to their organization in the form of the brand-new app that puts AAOS’ many resources at their fingertips.

The AAOS Membership App, which is rolling out this month, is part of AAOS’ digital communication strategy. It provides members quick access to the most sought-after information from AAOS, such as available CME activities and member benefits, and makes it easy to complete common tasks such as updating member profiles and disclosures and checking CME transcripts. In addition, the AAOS Membership App features member-to-member direct messaging to help members quickly connect and engage with their orthopaedic colleagues.

Fig. 1 The AAOS Membership App gives members easy access to AAOS resources as well as engagement with colleagues.
Fig. 2 Rendition of the member-to-member messaging feature of the AAOS Membership App, which will allow members to connect directly with each other.
Fig. 3 Sample dashboard configurations of the AAOS Membership App. The version for residents (right) includes portals to the Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge curriculum, ResStudy, and the Resident Assembly.
Member Value and Satisfaction Survey

“We are excited and proud to launch this new offering to our members,” said AAOS President Felix H. “Buddy” Savoie III, MD, FAAOS. “This easy-to-use and -navigate app is the result of thoughtful planning and thorough execution by our members and staff.”

The new app, available through Apple and Google stores, is the product of a detailed and technical development process that began at the behest of the Board of Directors. The Board recognized members’ need for a comprehensive but easy-to-use tool that enables them to connect to AAOS; manage their educational portfolios; and access the information, services; and benefits that fit their own needs.

When users open the app, they view a dashboard with access to their own account settings as well as other important AAOS services and products, including the Journal of the AAOS ®, the private Member Directory, OrthoGuidelines, the Career Center, the Annual Meeting, and CME resources (Fig. 1). Users can also access their own CME history and status by tapping on the My CME icon, which takes them to the AAOS Learning Portfolio, a free online tool that provides members with a customized real-time picture of their 10-year Maintenance of Certification process along with their Academy CME transcript. A chat feature allows members to connect directly to each other without searching for contact information or wading through emails and texts (Fig. 2).

Resident members of the Academy will find an iteration of the app, specifically tailored for them, to be a useful tool as they progress through training. It offers access to the AAOS Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge (ROCK) initiative, launched earlier this year (Fig. 3). ROCK provides a consistent baseline of core knowledge aligned to individual residents’ needs, in sync with their particular program’s curriculum. ResStudy, the popular examination question bank, is also accessible, as is the Resident Assembly site.

Under the oversight of the Board of Directors, the app was developed through the contributions of numerous Academy member volunteers and staff. Steering the process were Jennifer M. Weiss, MD, FAAOS, chair of the Communications Committee, and Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD, FAAOS, chair of the Membership Council.

The vision for the app, Dr. Weiss said, “is to have the organization at the fingertips of the membership, so that members can access what AAOS has to offer in the same way we all access everything else in our lives—which is with a few touches rather than [having to] weed through a website on a computer. This app is part of our strategy to bring our member communications to more contemporary standards, with bidirectionality and purposeful connection points.”

Dr. Matzkin agreed that the app, launched exclusively at the 2022 AAOS Combined National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference/Fall Meeting a few weeks ago, represents a much-needed enhancement that benefits members with its convenience and menu of offerings. It also builds off member feedback and other themes identified in previous surveys.

“The app provides a better experience for our members [by] making resources and benefits of membership accessible, including advocacy, education, quality, and community,” Dr. Matzkin said. “The app provides ease of access to AAOS’ offerings—access to our journals [and] our Orthopaedic Video Theater, the ability to reach out to other members, and a way to check on your CME, with your own dashboard a click away on your phone or other device.”

Dr. Weiss also noted that although the app in its current form is an impressive tool with a wide array of capabilities, AAOS will continue to add features and functions to the product. “The app will be continuously updated and changed, and feedback will always be welcome,” she said.

The Membership App was developed through a methodical process during which AAOS surveyed members to identify their needs and wishes regarding their interactions with AAOS, including “pain points” they encountered in trying to access information and conduct transactions with the organization. Respondents said they wanted to have fast and simple ways to pay their dues, know when disclosure updates were necessary, have quick access to their own CME information, learn about leadership and networking opportunities, and find content relevant to their practice foci and interests without needing to remember login credentials, wander through a website, or sift through emails.

After downloading the app, a first-time user must sign in with an AAOS member login and password. Members who have trouble with the login should contact AAOS Customer Service at Feedback is welcome and can be sent within the app or through an online form, available at

Terry Stanton is the senior medical writer for AAOS Now. He can be reached at

You too can #BeHeard today

The new AAOS Membership App is a direct result of feedback provided by volunteer leaders and members. It is a testament to AAOS’ commitment to better understanding its members’ needs and then enhancing its member benefits accordingly.

In similar fashion, AAOS recently opened the 2022 Member Value and Satisfaction Survey, which focuses on evaluating member resources and services. The survey is only four questions and takes a few minutes to complete. Member comments and suggestions will fuel AAOS to better deliver what members need most. Please share your opinions with AAOS before the survey closes in mid-October.

Visit to access the survey.