Published 3/25/2022

The AAOS 2021 Annual Report Is Now Available

The Academy continued to deliver the resources, education, and advocacy its members have come to expect, while remaining a steadfast pillar of support during an uncertain time. The 2021 Annual Report, available at the Membership Booth located in Academy Hall, highlights the many accomplishments AAOS achieved thanks to the support and hard work of its volunteers and staff.

In 2021, AAOS facilitated the successful reunion of the orthopaedic community at the annual meeting in San Diego. The event featured comprehensive educational content including symposia led by thought leaders in their fields. The variety of enriching experiences extended to poster tours, TechTalks, Ask An Expert sessions, panels, hands-on demonstrations, and more. All the while, AAOS kept the health and safety of staff and attendees foremost in mind.

AAOS deployed an updated Member Value and Satisfaction Survey, which gave members the opportunity to be heard and voice their opinions about what matters to them. Another member touchpoint launched in 2021 was the AAOS Leadership Institute (ALI). ALI is a four-level program that progressively develops members’ skills, knowledge, and experiences to prepare them for AAOS leadership positions.

The Academy doubled down on its commitment to quality this year, with various departments working toward scientific innovation, data collection, and advocacy. AAOS forged ahead with its leadership in the field of biologics by holding a Biologics Symposium and continually updating the Biologics Dashboard. The launch of the Fracture & Trauma Registry marked yet another expansion in the AAOS Registry Program. Advocacy efforts led by the AAOS Office of Government Relations resulted in significant progress on important issues facing members including reimbursement, prior authorization, and surprise medical billing.

Three years into its five-year strategic plan, AAOS continues to navigate and progress toward its goals, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. Overall performance was strong in 2021, as the pillars of the plan—experience, quality, and culture—served as the roadmap for decision making.

The AAOS 2021 Annual Report details these advances and many more. Pick up a copy at the AAOS Membership Booth in Academy Hall, open Thursday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., or visit www.aaos.org/annualreport to download the full report.