Attendees at the AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting have an exclusive opportunity to visit the onsite studio located at the Resource Center in Academy Hall.


Published 3/22/2022

AAOS Looks to Engage Attendees at Onsite Podcast Studio

AAOS has launched a new podcast at each of the past two annual meetings to reach the musculoskeletal community in new and different ways.

In 2020, it virtually launched the “AAOS Advocacy Podcast,” covering the latest health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal health.

In 2021, it launched the “AAOS Career Podcast,” covering professional development topics and practical tools for guided growth in the specialty. This year, the Academy hopes to build greater awareness around its four existing podcasts (listed below) and to collect feedback from members on the kinds of guests and topics they want to hear on its expanding orthopaedic podcast channel, called “The Bone Beat.”

Explore AAOS podcasts, submit ideas at onsite podcast studio
Attendees at the AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting have an exclusive opportunity to visit the onsite studio located in the Resource Center of Academy Hall. If they are not already familiar with AAOS podcasts, they can learn more about the various shows and be guided through the subscription process for notifications when new episodes air each month. If they are already familiar or have listened to shows in the past, they can easily submit ideas for future episodes or guest talent using an online submission form outside the booth. Questions, comments, or ideas that are not captured onsite at the Annual Meeting can be sent to

Subscribe to shows on The Bone Beat Orthopaedic Podcast Channel
Podcasts are available at or on any podcast application, including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher.

AAOS Advocacy Podcast
Hosted by AAOS Advocacy Council Chair Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, the “AAOS Advocacy Podcast” covers the latest health policy issues affecting musculoskeletal health, from healthcare disparities to elections to the shift of procedures toward the outpatient setting.

Each episode features expert insights on the changing landscape of orthopaedics and advocacy efforts to advance quality and access to care. The show is designed to expand AAOS’ reach and encourage conversations about these health policy initiatives, as well as highlight the organization’s ongoing advocacy work.

AAOS Career Podcast
Hosted by AAOS Resident Assembly Executive Committee Chair Austin Beason, MD, the “AAOS Career Podcast” covers professional development topics of interest to the musculoskeletal community, from financial literacy and research opportunities to surgical skills and networking. Conversations between early-career surgeons and experienced attendings offer practical tools for guided growth in the specialty.

JAAOS Unplugged ®
The Journal of the AAOS (JAAOS) ® is a trusted source of cutting-edge primary research and in-depth review articles from world experts in the field of orthopaedics. Monthly episodes of JAAOS Unplugged ® summarize research articles and review a featured article from the latest issue of JAAOS. This podcast is intended for any and all learners of orthopaedics—from the first-year medical student to the emeritus professor.

JAAOS ® Journal Club
The JAAOS ® Journal Club is the latest addition to the roster of AAOS podcasts. The topics planned for 2022 include subjects such as anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, articular cartilage restoration, fundamentals of knee and shoulder arthroscopy for orthopaedic residents, foot and ankle, and more.

Visit for more information and to access the podcasts.