Health Plus Management & South Island Orthopedics: An Expanded Case Study

Health Plus Management is a physician support organization that facilitates clinical excellence and entrepreneurial success for its network of physician-owned practices. Its model is based on comprehensive practice management services and was founded on the intent to support esteemed physician-owners and accelerate the potential of their practice through operational, administrative, and marketing expertise.

Across our client base, referral sources and internal teams, we continually work to create symbiotic relationships. We take on every collaborator’s issues as our highest priority, acting as both a service-focused resource and a trusted advisor.

HPM is committed to offering every musculoskeletal physician within our network excellence in service, tools for advancement, and a customized approach in the areas of:

  • Financial support
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Technology

In this newly expanded case study, we take a deeper look into the relationship between HPM and South Island Orthopedics, led by Dr. Eric Freeman.

Health Plus Management & South Island Orthopedics: COVID Challenges Met; The Successful Hybrid Model

Providing quality patient care and specialist orthopedic services in the midst of a pandemic is understandably challenging. But the hybrid model that HPM––through their expert management team––have built with Dr. Freeman’s practice has enabled the robust flexibility and clinical autonomy to make rapid decisions that protect patients and employees.

Learn more about our services and how HPM’s financial and managerial backing can help optimize your musculoskeletal practice, allowing it to grow and thrive:

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SVP of Business Development & Finance
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