COVID-19 Loan & Grant Programs - Financial Relief

Financial Relief Information

Several federal loan and grant programs have been created to help counter the economic challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. To guide AAOS members and their practices through the various options available, we have compiled high-level information all in one place that covers the terms, eligibility, FAQs, resources, and support services for each program. 

Use the navigation bar above to find information about the following programs: Economic Injury Disaster Relief, Paycheck Protection, Main Street Lending, Provider Relief Fund, and Accelerated and Advanced Payments.

Loan Program Quick Guide

This at-a-glance resource will help you determine the type of financial relief that is right for your practice.

Legal and Financial Disclaimer: The information on this page is meant to serve as an educational summary of federal loan and grant programs related to COVID-19. It does not constitute or substitute legal or financial advice. Interested parties should continue to consult their legal and financial professionals.

Note about AAOS Help and Services: Unfortunately, the Academy is unable to help with individual applications or paperwork required for obtaining relief funds. For related questions or comments about the programs, please email the Office of Government Relations at