Getting Americans Back to Work

Bone and joint disorders are the leading cause of disability in the U.S., disabling a significant part of the American workforce.

Orthopaedic surgeons help millions of patients get back to work every year. With patient-centered practices, voluntary and streamlined payment models, physician led delivery and renewed patient-physician relationships, they can keep the promise of ensuring the well-being of patients, their communities, and the American economy.

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Able Bodies, Strong Workforce

From 911 emergency desk operators to highway construction workers, orthopaedic surgeons help patients suffering from debilitating injuries find solutions that get them back to work across all industries.

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Thriving Communities

What are the indirect effects of musculoskeletal disease? A loss of employability, income, and independence. Orthopaedic surgeons improve individual productivity, and in turn, communities. 

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Billions in Societal Savings

Bone and joint problems resulted in 440 million missed work days and 25 percent of all new disability claims in 2014. Hip fracture repairs alone bring $16 billion in lifetime societal savings. 

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