Orthopaedic Advocacy Week

Growing Support with Grassroots

On Day 1 of Orthopaedic Advocacy Week, AAOS members collectively sent 582 letters to their Congressional Representatives through the Advocacy Action Center. Using just two clicks and approximately four minutes, they were able to send pre-written letters on each of the three priorty healthcare policy issues: prior authorization, telemedicine, and physician mental health.

Prior Authorization

Remove burdensome barriers to timely access to care.

OAW_Prior Auth_195x110.jpg


Ensure flexibilities for valuable telemedicine services.


Physician Mental Health

Reduce and prevent mental health issues for healthcare professionals.

OAW_Mental Health_195x110.jpg

More on Grassroots

Grassroots advocacy is a powerful tool for strengthening the voice of the orthopaedic community. During Orthopaedic Advocacy Week, we want to set the tone for the rest of the year and ensure that your concerns and the interests of your patients are heard by lawmakers.

Myth: Sending letters is not as effective as calling a congressional office.
Fact: Sending letters as a collective orthopaedic community, at the same time is MORE effective.

Myth: Pre-written form emails are not as powerful as personal letters.
Fact: As long as the message covers the issue and ask, it is counted exactly the same.