2017 Education Tracks

New For 2017!

EDUCATION TRACKS put you in the right place at the right time. 

For each day, and each session time, your track identifies the session that best matches your interests and practice focus. 

Follow your track and focus your experience as never before.

When you buy a Track, one ICL is included free.

Hip Tracks

Knee Tracks

Pediatric Tracks

Spine Tracks

Trauma Tracks

  • Track packages are only available for advanced purchase.

  • Each track package includes five to seven instructional courses. Additional sessions are included in the track.

  • To see the entire track refer to the pages listed above-right.

  • Each track package is considered one event and no course substitutions or exchanges are available.

  • To cancel a track package, a written request for refund must be received in the Academy office by February 2, 2017. No refunds are issued after this date. 

  • No exchanges or refunds on-site.

  • Case Presentation sessions are a separate purchase and subject to availability.