Meeting Reschedule Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Presenters

Updated July 31, 2020

Why is the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting being rescheduled?
The AAOS Board of Directors approved the recommendation to reschedule the meeting after significant evaluation and scenario planning focusing on the health and safety of all meeting participants.

To host a meeting of our scope and size in the spring of 2021 remains very unpredictable given the recurring surges of COVID-19 across the country. To minimize any risk to public health and safety, the AAOS Annual Meeting will now take place later in 2021 at the same San Diego location.

What are the new dates of the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting?
The Academy’s Annual Meeting will take place August 31 – September 3, 2021 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Is there a chance the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting dates will move again?
The AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting will take place August 31 – September 3, 2021 though an in-person and virtual experience, unless forces outside our control mandate a cancel. You can expect high-quality education and innovation as well as new opportunities to engage and collaborate both in-person and online.

Given the date change, have the application deadline dates changed?
The Academy has extended the application deadline for all education-related programming deadlines to October 1, 2020. Education-related programming includes:

  • Instructional Course Lecture (ICL)/Symposia: October 1, 2020
  • Paper and Poster: October 1, 2020
  • Ask an Expert: October 1, 2020
  • TechTalks: October 1, 2020
  • Orthopaedic Video Theater (OVT): October 1, 2020

If I have already submitted an Ask an Expert, OVT, Paper/Poster, Instructional Course Lecture (ICL), Symposia or TechTalk application for the 2021 Annual Meeting, do I need to submit another one because of the date change?
Thank you for submitting your application for the 2021 Annual Meeting. All completed applications that have been submitted will be graded and reviewed, you will not need to submit another one.

Is there still a disclosure grace period for Paper/Poster application?
The Academy will continue to provide a 30-day grace period should you need to contact your co-authors regarding disclosure. This grace period applies only to disclosure only. During this time, you cannot make any changes to your abstract. The disclosure grace period deadline is November 2, 2020.

Will my 2020 ICL or Symposia that I did not get to present still be considered for the 2021 Annual Meeting?
The Academy will review the 2020 ICLs and Symposia for consideration within the 2021 education program. In addition, if you would like to submit a new ICL or Symposia, please visit here. In accordance with the Strategic Plan, the AAOS is committed to high-quality research and engaged scholarship by all Academy members.  As part of this commitment, we value diversity and inclusion across our educational platforms and strongly encourage inclusion of those underrepresented in orthopaedics in your Symposia and on your ICL faculty. For more information, please visit: Annual Meeting Committees Promote Diversity Among Educational Faculty