AAOS Outpatient and Rapid Recovery in Total Joint Replacement

November 19, 2021, Virtual Course

Course #2103368

Successfully implement a rapid recovery program, improve efficiency and optimize patient satisfaction

The Rapid Recovery Program – an accelerated discharge program aimed at reducing the length of stay after joint replacement – is implemented by streamlining patient accountability prior to surgery, ensuring the best outcomes during the perioperative process and improving the patient experience.

This single-day enriched virtual course prepares you and your team to meet the increasing demand for same-day discharge after total joint replacement. Faculty deliver your “playbook” for safely implementing an outpatient rapid recovery program in your institution of practice, covering crucial considerations, pathway options, and protocols.

“Great course! Well-presented lectures with rich variations in how surgeons approach the topics, while maintaining clear consistency in the take-home concepts.”  - 2019 Course Attendee

The virtual experience

Through live-streamed lectures and interactive panel discussions, faculty will share how they successfully transitioned their procedures to the outpatient setting, while keeping patient safety and satisfaction at the forefront. Tune in from your home or office, participating in Q&A discussion with your faculty. 

Plus, exclusive online resources including recorded lectures and articles take this blended learning experience beyond the lectures! Registration includes the course recording to re-watch lectures for 90 days.

Course Directors

R. Michael Meneghini, MD, FAAOS
Indiana University Health Hip and Knee Center
Indianapolis, IN

William G. Hamilton, MD, FAAOS
Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic
Alexandria, VA


An article featuring your Course Directors!

Taking Joint Replacement to the Outpatient Setting: AAOS Course Sets You on the Right Track
Published in AAOS Now, August 2019


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