AAOS Value-Based Orthopaedic Care: A Tactical Field Guide

November 12, 2022, Virtual Course

Course #2203201

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Value-based health care delivery starts with you! There is growing recognition that true reform in orthopaedic care will demand a major strategic and organizational change in how we redesign care delivery, measurement, and reimbursement in our practices toward value – health outcomes benefiting patients for every dollar spent. Value-based health care delivery concepts start with you – the clinical champions.

This tactical field guide aims to empower you with practical knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies to help achieve winning partnerships with health plans, employers, and government in making successful transitions toward value.

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Interactive sessions cover three key areas:

  • Fundamental Principles and Practices in Value-based Health Care
  • Outcome Measurement and Role of Patient Outcomes in High Value Care
  • Development and Implementation of Next Generation Alternative Payment Models

The Virtual Experience

Through live-streamed lectures and interactive breakout discussions, faculty will share tips and insights for practicing in a value-based care environment. Following overview lectures, attendees will separate into small-group virtual breakouts for interactive discussion. 

Registration includes the course recording to re-watch lectures until December 12, 2022.

Course Chairs

Eric C. Makhni, MD, MBA, FAAOS
Henry Ford Health
Detroit, MI
Course Chair

Prakash Jayakumar, MD, PHD
The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School
Austin, TX
Associate Course Chair

Enjoy this article featured in AAOS Now and hear from Course Director Eric C. Makhni, MD, MBA, FAAOS

Value-based Healthcare Delivery Starts with You
Published September 2022

Course Faculty

Michael P. Bolognesi, MD, FAAOS
John Cherf, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAOS
Brian Cunningham, MD, FAAOS, FAOA
Karl Koenig, MD, MS, FAAOS
Richard C. Mather III, MD, MBA, FAAOS

Dan Murrey, MD, MPP, FAAOS
Kevin Shea, MD, FAAOS
James Slover, MD, MS, FAAOS
Eric Swart, MD, FAAOS
Abner M. Ward, MD, MBA, FACS, FAAOS

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