AAOS Part II Board Exam Preparation and Review Course

May 13, 2023, Virtual Course

Course #2303049

Focus your preparation and gain confidence for the 2023 ABOS Part II Examination

Spend the day with Board-Certified Academy Fellows, working together to improve your cases and building plans for your successful case submission, presentation and defense. Understand Part II exam expectations through:

  • Faculty instruction on case preparation
  • Tips on handling complication cases
  • Examples of optimal case presentations
  • Discussion with questions and answers

You can spend your time with fellowship-trained faculty to:

  • Present*: Present two challenging cases in a mock oral examination setting. Experience various questioning styles, get unfiltered feedback, uncover common mistakes, and formulate ways to bridge gaps in your defense.
  • Review Case Documentation*: Faculty will offer feedback and advice on your notes, documents, and images to ensure you are on-track to meet expectations 
  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Utilize the lessons learned and faculty feedback from this course to improve your presentation strategy.

*Time is guaranteed to review or present two patient cases, but please have three cases ready if time allows.

“I came into the course with a ton of information but no logical plan to present it. The course instructors helped me develop techniques to present it much more precisely and confidently."

- Previous Course Participant

Option to Observe

Not ready to review or present your cases? Or, taking Part II in 2024? Be an Observer!

At a reduced rate, observing is a great opportunity to watch your peers, listen to feedback and faculty critique, and participate in the overview lectures. For those taking the exam in the future, guide your collection and preparation year and avoid mistakes early on.

Observing participants sit in on the overview lectures and watch as peers review and present real patient cases. All sessions will take place via video conferencing, where you can join the virtual presentations rooms to listen to feedback and faculty critique, and observe various questioning styles. Make note of common mistakes and formulate ways to avoid trouble to guide your own collection and preparation year.

"I just entered case collection period and enrolled in this course to learn more about the boards and what to expect. This course was EXTREMELY helpful. I would encourage anybody entering case collection to observe."

- Previous Observing Attendee

Optional Add-On: One-on-One Consultation Sessions 

These private sessions fill fast! Secure your spot early.

These sessions fill fast each year! Please check session availability on the “Program Details” tab.

Register Early!

For an additional fee, register for one 30-minute personalized session with a faculty member to ask additional questions beyond your presentation session to further improve your presentation and defense.

As the capacity for each session is very limited, registration is limited to one consultation slot per registrant.

Registration options for these sessions are shown during the check-out process and have an additional fee of $199.

Course Directors

Apurva Shah, MD, MBA, FAAOS

Brian M. Weatherford, MD, FAAOS

Registration Details

Room Selection for Presenting Participants
After registering, you will receive a link to indicate your preferred specialty-focused presentation room. 

Available Specialties:

Foot & Ankle
Hand/Upper Extremity

Room Selection for Observing Participants
After registering, you will receive an email to indicate your specialty room preference for initial case observation. Observing participants can switch specialty rooms throughout the course to experience various questioning styles and feedback.

Registration Rates


AAOS Member, Candidate Member, Associate Member, International Member
Presenter: $1,014
Observer: $724

Orthopaedic Resident, Post-Residency in Fellowship, U.S. Military
Presenter: $924
Observer: $624


Nonmember Orthopaedic Surgeon, International Nonmember, Other Physician Non-MD Practitioner, Non-Physician
Presenter: $1,124
Observer: $824