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AAOS Special Interest Self-Assessment Examinations

Experience active, stimulating learning—and have the tools you need to better assess your knowledge of current orthopaedic information—with the AAOS Special Interest Self-Assessment Examinations.

Providing in-depth questioning on a broad range of topics relevant to your practice and patient care today. 

Now available via the AAOS online learning platform at learn.aaos.org for an enhanced educational experience!

• Easily navigate content, change display preferences, take notes, and mark items of interest
• Enhanced graphics can be enlarged on any touchscreen device
• Available on the AAOS Access App for even more convenience
• Take the exam in Scored and Recorded format to help fulfill the self-assessment requirement for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), and then access the Build-a-Quiz tool for a customizable experience
• Access resources and educational links for further learning—including valuable discussions and commentary, rationale for the correct answers, and links to PubMed references.

Scored and Recorded self-assessment examinations help fulfill the self-assessment requirement for Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

Visit www.aaos.org/self_assess to view all AAOS special interest self-assessment examinations or call AAOS Customer Service at 1-800-626-6726.

ResStudy – providing residents with 4000+ questions to advance learning

ResStudy now offers even MORE exclusive content, with questions from six years of OITEs, Orthopaedic Knowledge Update (OKU) SAEs, and multiple Special Interest Exams across 11 topics. Nowhere else can residents explore so many questions from AAOS self-assessment exams–including more than 4000 questions! The quality and quantity of AAOS exam questions are exclusively available on ResStudy!

ResStudy is now accessed on the new AAOS online learning platform at learn.aaos.org , with a mobile-friendly and highly visual interface.

Enhance residents' learning experiences with these features and functions:

  • The Build a Quiz feature allows residents to create quizzes by selecting from testing modes and topics for a completely customizable experience
  • The Dashboard can be used to browse content by a single topic, or take entire OITEs or OKU exams
  • Resources and educational links are included for further learning–with valuable discussions and commentary, rationale for the correct answers, and links to PubMed references
  • Enhanced graphics can be enlarged on any touchscreen device
  • Residents can view their exam history to track their progress

PLUS, program directors and coordinators can track learning and program success overall and by resident with detailed reporting tools, available 24/7.

With more content, better features, and customization, ResStudy can keep residents up with current topics, gauge learning before and after clinical rotations, and build confidence for the OITE and Board exams.

ResStudy is an annual subscription, $130/resident, and must include access for every resident in a program.

Order ResStudy today! To purchase for your residency program, please call AAOS Customer Service at 1-800-626-6726 or email customerservice@aaos.org

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