How to Apply for the International Scholars program


General Information
Each year, the AAOS International Scholars program is available to eligible surgeons from select countries based on the  World Bank Gross National Income classification (low, middle and upper-middle income). 

Scholars attend an OLC skills course of their choice and spend three to five days observing at a major US institution. The scholarship award covers the discounted OLC course registration fee, hotel accommodations, and most of the air travel expenses. 


Europe - Apply Now!
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Key Dates

1 August 2017: Deadline for submitting applications for Europe and Asia
6 September 2017
: Selection decisions announced for Chile and West Africa
15 November 2017: Selection decisions announced for Europe and Asia 

We are grateful to our partners - orthopaedic societies, foundations and organizations – for supporting the dedicated scholarship awards for orthopaedic surgeons from the following countries and regions:

Applications are reviewed by the AAOS International Committee. Your application is evaluated on criteria that include:

  • Leadership roles or positions
  • Proven record of teaching either academically or within your professional organizations and/or health care community
  • Commitment to improving patient care
  • History of volunteering in your community and country 

Eligibility Requirements

Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions