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Each year, the AAOS invites members to “Be Heard” via the Member Value and Satisfaction Survey to understand the needs of its members and then develops better services, resources, and tools to meet those needs and preferences. Your opinion matters and your feedback is important to help us create an optimal membership for you. 

In 2023, more than 5,000 of you (15% response rate) participated in the 6-question survey, including a new question to gauge your satisfaction with the communications you receive from AAOS.  

We promised to share and openly respond to the survey’s findings. Here is what you told us:

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Educational Offerings

Many of your positive comments were regarding satisfaction related to educational resources. You told us you find great value in offerings such as journal access, online videos, courses, webinars, and the Annual Meeting.

  • Great education... print, videos, meetings, and courses.Active Fellow Member 
  • I use the continuing education modules and the journals online and I am well satisfied.” – Active Fellow Member

Member Relevance/Focus

Many of you commented that AAOS provides what you need.

  • AAOS does a good job of making each member feel valued. I believe the AAOS has our collective interest at heart and hope it stays that way.” – Candidate Member
  • “AAOS has provided avenues for me to offer the care that every patient demands and deserves. To help our patients we must care for our mental, and physical well-being.” International Member 
  • As a general orthopod in rural setting I'm kind of small potatoes. But you do help keep me current even if I can't get to all the meetings. Help me with my MOC. Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Active Fellow 


Many of you expressed satisfaction with the AAOS’s advocacy efforts, including lobbying, representing member interests, and addressing healthcare policy issues like reimbursement and regulation.

  • I am most satisfied with AAOS advocacy and the Academy fighting on our behalf for Medicare reimbursement and other important issues.” – Active Fellow Member
  • Very satisfied. I think AAOS does a good job lobbying for physicians’ rights to allow for better patient care.” – Candidate – Resident Member

We Heard You

While we’ve made great strides and many of you are satisfied with AAOS, your suggestions are guiding our plans for improvements. Here is what is in the works since responding to the 2023 survey.

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Survey At-a-Glance

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AAOS Member Resources at Your Fingertips

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