We Heard You

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In our ongoing effort to improve member resources and services, AAOS leadership invited members to “Be Heard” in 2022. Nearly 3,788 total members (10% response rate) weighed in to share their time and opinions. Thank you! 

We share below the high-level results of the 2022 survey, as well as key member insights that will drive improvements to AAOS resources and services that help you deliver the highest quality musculoskeletal care to your patients. 

Read more in the July 2023 AAOS Now article, "AAOS Is Listening, and We Hear You."

Find quick answers to the most common questions about the Member Satisfaction Survey here

The 2023 survey is now closed, thank you for participating! 

The 2022 “Be Heard” campaign addressed member satisfaction and provided data and insight to better understand the critical needs of current  members.


Annual Meeting | JAAOS 
Surgical Procedure Education | CME (live and OnDemand)

Great resources for residents. ROCK curriculum is a great addition! 

"Being a Fellow is an important part of membership. It allows for more direct involvement in the Academy, providing opportunities to have a voice in decision making about educational and governance matters."


"Excellent educational resources for all levels of training and virtual podcasts, videos, and specialty-specific content."

Educational resources, the AAOS Annual Meeting, JAAOS, and the ability to earn CME are often noted as what members value most about their membership.

“To make AAOS more appealing to younger surgeons, recommend more programming specific to jobs, starting a practice, etc.” and “AAOS gives me a lot ( guidance for my growth, confidence ss a surgeon and leader, professional knowledge and skills, and many others…). I feel AAOS is my organization!


When asked "what should the AAOS focus on in the future?" members again affirmed that they would like the AAOS to place greater emphasis on advocacy and education, and provide more support for surgeons and their practices.

We heard you.

Members reaafirmed the value of education, practice management support and advocacy resources from their AAOS Membership. Browse below to learn about exciting new developments in these areas to better understand how AAOS plans to meet you where you need us.

Education Themes: more ways to access, faster development of offerings, easier access & more events with industry

You told us you wanted…


AAOS Action Plan

  • Launched a full curriculum for Residency education which is now live and can be found at rock.aaos.org.
  • Expanded the 3D/4K Video Experience of OrthoDome at Annual Meeting
  • Developing more online CME and in-person courses to bring them back to what they wanted at the top - i.e. JAAOS, CME, Annual Meeting
  • Created additional new podcast shows through JAAOS and the AAOS Bone Beat for career and practice management needs
  • New features available on the AAOS Membership mobile app designed to connect members and bring them things they want and need faster and easier


  • The Education Team’s next focus is on enhancing the discoverability, visibility and searchability of all AAOS educational content


  • We are working to bring more industry representation to our Annual Meeting, webinars, and courses to highlight their innovations.

Practice Management Themes: training, support, idea exchange & building awareness of resources

You told us you wanted…


AAOS Action Plan


  • OVT Video Campaign for Practice Management Channel​
  • Continuous promotion, as appropriate, on aaos.org home page, membership newsletter, website ads

Advocacy Themes: increase visibility, transparency, opportunities for member input & engagement

You told us you wanted…


AAOS Action Plan

  • Working with Board of Councilors and Board of Specialty Societies to identify more opportunities for input​
  • Creating an advocacy ambassador program of volunteers who can effectively communicate our agenda with peers​


  • Hosting Orthopaedic Advocacy Week (OAW) 2023 to ignite support and attention for key musculoskeletal issues affecting access to care where members can participate virtually together. 
  • Communicate opportunities to engage with the advocacy center and for PAC members, attending PAC events. All this can be accessed through the AAOS Membership App.


  • Reporting on activity and action from state and specialty meetings meeting through AAOS social media and other owned channels to further drive awareness.  
  • Ongoing opportunities for members to engage in-person with AAOS staff tolearn more about ways to get involved in advocacy and the Orthopaedic PAC. 

As of June 23, 2023.