2020 Data Specifications and Data Dictionary Were Released in January

Published March 2020

Updated AAOS Registry Program Data Specifications were released on January 15 to improve the quality of data collected, reduce data entry burden, and grow with the orthopaedic profession. We’ve created the AAOS Registry Data Specification Sunset Cycle to simplify the transition of Data Specifications by informing you of when our new Data Specifications will be released and when we plan to sunset the oldest Data Specifications.

The Sunset Cycle will occur annually. The 2020 Sunset Cycle addressed elements with low response rates or where data is submitted in an unusable format.

A few of the 2020 Data Specifications changes include:

  • Updates to existing data element names and business rules
  • New data elements such as OR Entry Time, OR Exit Time, and Tourniquet Use
  • Addition of data elements to meet the requirements of The Joint Commission Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement

For more information about the updates, view the slides from a recent webinar or contact the Registry Analytics team at RegistryAnalytics@aaos.org.