The AAOS Registry Program

The AAOS Registry Program’s mission is to improve orthopaedic care through the collection, analysis, and reporting of actionable data. We seek to encompass all the musculoskeletal and anatomical areas for orthopaedics through comprehensive data and technology resulting in optimal patient outcomes. The AAOS Registry Program was created to collect unique clinical information that demonstrates actual practice patterns, enable performance measurement by physicians for physicians, provide support for novel scientific research production, and provide scaled delivery of registry-driven quality improvement programs.

Ultimately, patients are the ones who benefit most when your organization and surgeons participate in one of our registries. Through the submission and analyzation of data, it’s easy to actively utilize the knowledge gained to improve outcomes and quality of orthopaedic care. With national benchmark data at your fingertips through the AAOS RegistryInsightsTM platform, you can compare your results to performance across the country as well as to institutions and practices similar to yours, supporting highly informed decision-making and quality improvement.

AAOS Registries are built on technology that allows your facility access to all of your AAOS-enrolled orthopaedic registries in one place. Subscribers can use the AAOS RegistryInsightsTM platform to run standard reports and use the dashboards to compare their institution to national benchmarks. In addition to procedural data dashboards, RegistryInsightsTM offers a portal for the implementation and reporting of patient surveys. An added benefit is the ability to view issues with the files your institution uploaded, allowing for more accurate and relevant data in the Registry. And best of all, you can get access to your data within 48 hours of submission.

It's easy for your hospital, health systems, ambulatory surgery center, or private practice group to get started.

Our Registries

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR)
Created in 2009, AJRR has grown to be the world’s largest national registry of hip and knee replacement data by annual procedural count, with more than 1.4 million procedures contained within its database. AJRR rejoined the Academy as the cornerstone of its Registry Program in 2017.

AJRR’s unique multi-disciplinary governance model is made up of surgeons; hospital, industry, and provider representatives, and members of the public – all to ensure that the needs and voice of each group are represented. By collecting and reporting data, the AJRR provides actionable information to guide physicians and patient decision making to improve care. It empowers health care organizations to enhance the patient experience and benchmark performance; orthopaedic surgeons to reduce complications and revision rates; and device manufacturers to strengthen post-market surveillance.

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The Shoulder & Elbow Registry (SER)
Launched in 2018, the AAOS Board of Directors through its Registry Oversight Committee (ROC) chose shoulder and elbow to be the second anatomical area to expand into the Registry Program. Working in collaboration with the specialty societies, the Academy created this Registry to collect shoulder and elbow procedural data in the U.S. in order to establish survivor curves, track revisions, and improve the quality of care for all patients. 

There are more than 750,000 shoulder arthroplasty, rotator cuff repair, and elbow arthroplasty surgeries performed in the United States each year. An evidence-based registry, like the Shoulder & Elbow Registry, is a cost-effective way to benchmark risk-adjusted data, and provide greater context to patient outcomes comparisons. Identifying improvement needs can potentially mitigate surgical revisions which could lead to millions of dollars in stakeholder savings annually.

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Committed to Growth 
The Academy is committed to growing and expanding the AAOS Registry Program. More anatomical areas will be added in the near future. To keep abreast on everything registry related, visit our blog here and subscribe to email updates.

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