AJRR Thanks Outgoing Steering Committee Members for Their Service

Published May 2020

American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) Steering Committee member terms end and begin in conjunction with the AAOS Annual Meeting each March. The AAOS Registry Program would like to thank the following AJRR Steering Committee members for their service to AJRR: Kevin J. Bozic, MD, FAAOS, MBA; Gregory B. Krivchenia II, MD, FAAOS; David G. Lewallen, MD, FAAOS; David E. Mino, MD, FAAOS, MBA; and Brian S. Parsley, MD, FAAOS.

Their guidance led AJRR through several changes and periods of growth over the years. With more than 1.9 million procedures, the AJRR is now the largest orthopaedic registry in the world by annual procedure count. Their vision has helped the Registry become what it is today.

Two dedicated Steering Committee members have been contributing to the AJRR since its inception by providing their leadership beginning with the very first AJRR Steering Committee Call over a decade ago. These members are Drs. Bozic and Lewallen. Throughout their service, both surgeons have been members of the AJRR Executive Committee and subcommittees. Dr. Lewallen served as the AJRR Steering Committee Chair from 2010-2012, and then as the AJRR Medical Director through 2019. Dr. Bozic served as Steering Committee Chair from 2018-2019.

Although the outgoing members no longer sit on the AJRR Steering Committee, their impact will still be felt as new members join the committee. Thanks again to every outgoing AJRR Steering Committee Member for their leadership, hard work, and dedication!