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Hand Surgery Update VI (ASSH)

The latest edition of Hand Surgery Update is a true update with emphasis on the most impactful articles published in the last five years. A collaborative work of preeminent subject matter experts in the hand and wrist, each chapter begins with a summary of classic articles to set the stage for new information. Hand Surgery Update VI is an essential companion for residents, fellows, and established hand surgeons with the latest
advances in the field of hand surgery.

Gain a firm understanding of wrist anatomy and your options for distal, palmar, and volar approaches to the wrist. Identify the instruments needed to facilitate safe wrist exposure, including tools to retract, elevate, and protect the muscles, tendons, and nerves. Learn helpful tips for achieving superior visualization while minimizing bleeding and protecting nerves.

Developed and published by American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH).

Sections include:
• General Principles
• Hand Fractures and Joint Injuries
• Carpal Injuries and Disorders
• Arthritis of the Hand and Wrist
• Distal Radius Fractures
• Distal Radioulnar Joint
• Tendon
• Nerve
• Congenital Differences
• Pediatric Trauma
• Neurologic Conditions
• Soft Tissue and Osseous Reconstruction/Microsurgeryw
• Other Conditions
• Tumors
• Elbow and Forearm
• Shoulder and Arm

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