Frequently Asked Questions


How do I post a comment?
Enter your comment below the video player on the detail page in the 'Start the discussion...' box and click Post.

How do I get CME credit?
CME Credit is available for select OVT Plus videos. Click on the red CME button on the Video Detail page. If you have already watched the video click Self-Assessment and take the exam. Then click and complete the Program Evaluation. Once complete click the Claim Credits button on the upper right.

Is the CME applied to my transcript immediately?
Yes, as soon as you complete the Self-Assessment Evaluation, Program Evaluation and claim credit the hours will be posted to your transcript.

What are Featured Videos?
Featured Videos are select videos available to anyone in the Orthopaedic Video Theater platform.

How are my Recommended Videos determined?
Your Recommendations are generated from your Specialty Area and Specialty Interests selections.

How do I edit my Specialty Area?
Click the My Profile button of the upper right and then click My Profile. Click Edit Profile and select your specialty area and interests.

Why can't I see a video?
If you are not a member of the AAOS you will need to purchase a subscription to OVT Plus to see the OVT Plus collection and other select videos.

If you are a member of the AAOS you may need to:

  • refresh the page (this is usually done by pressing F5)
  • try an alternate browser such as Chrome or Edge
  • check that the internet is working correctly on the affected machine
  • Flash is required for all versions of Internet Explorer except for Edge
  • check with your institution to determine if you have a firewall blocking the video data, a web proxy interrupting the connection or filtering traffic, filtering software, or a general network failure.

Do I have to complete the entire upload submission application in one session?
You may save and resume the application where you left off. Find your saved applications on the My Videos page which can be accessed from the My Account menu (icon on top right of page).

My video file will not upload.
Check the file size and format. The maximum file size is 2 GB, and the following formats accepted: mov., mpeg4, avi, .wmv and .mp4. If file size and format are not issues, please try another browser, computer, or internet connection.

When will my OVT Now video be live?
We are committed to publishing your work as fast as possible. Your video will be reviewed by volunteer committee members. You will be emailed when your video is accepted and published or you can check your My videos page for the status.

What is the difference between OVT Plus videos and OVT User-Submitted videos?
OVT Plus video submissions undergo an extensive peer review by experts in the specialty area. Acceptance into the collection comes with benefits, including presentation at the Annual Meeting, opportunity for award-winning designation, video abstract inclusion in JAAOS, and availability to include the published video on your C.V.

OVT Now video submissions offer you a chance to share your latest surgical techniques with a quick peer review and posting to the site. This is the fastest way for you to share your video and for colleagues to access and discover your work. OVT Now Content Guidelines are available for your reference.

Who can see my video(s)?
AAOS members from around the globe will view the work you share on OVT. Non-members may purchase a subscription to the OVT site and enjoy the content.

Why is my video under review?
A video can be flagged for various reasons: Unsafe technique, patient identifier, poor video/audio quality, commercialism and author bias. Your video will be reviewed by committee members. Please contact for specific information regarding your video.

What is the difference between and only shows the OVT Plus collection, 700 titles and offers CME Credit for over 200 videos. OVT provides more content from multiple categories, opportunities to engage and an environment build specifically for video streaming.

Can videos be downloaded to my computer?
All videos use streaming technology. They cannot be downloaded to your computer.