Published January 28, 2022

Management of Anterior Tibialis Tendon Ruptures

Anterior tibialis tendon ruptures, while relatively infrequent ruptures, are commonly identified in delayed fashion, which can lead to significant impairments in patient gait and function. Surgical treatment is typically required to restore ankle dorsiflexion function and proper gait. Depending on various patient-specific factors, tendon quality and excursion, and chronicity, a range of treatment options are available to manage these patients, from nonsurgical care to surgical treatment. Surgical options include direct repair, local tendon transfer, autograft tendon reconstruction, and allograft tendon reconstruction. Additional procedures may need to be considered. Despite the variety of described surgical procedures, limited evidence-based guidelines are available to direct surgeons in the most optimal treatment for their patients. In addition to the relevant anatomy, biomechanics, and pathoanatomy, the reconstructive armamentarium is detailed and reviewed here, along with outcomes and potential complications, to guide surgeons in the most appropriate treatment for their patients.